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Retractable Hose Systems

Red Deer’s Convenient Vacuum Hose Management Solutions

Most people don’t like cleaning but having the right product can make all the difference in making the task easier. At VACUFLO Red Deer, we’re pleased to provide a line of hose management products for a convenient cleaning solution.

Hide-A-Hose maximizes on unused space by allowing you to store up to 60 feet of central vacuum hose within the walls of your home. This space-saving retractable hose system allows you to move about your home more freely while cleaning. To use, simply pull out the length of hose you need and connect a powerhead. Once you’re done, the hose retracts back into PVC tubing installed within the walls through suction from your home’s central vacuum power unit. We’re Red Deer’s only retailer for this innovative product!
For high traffic areas in your home, Vroom can quickly clean small spaces and dry messes. With up to 24' of hose, Vroom can be installed inside most cabinets for easy accessibility and concealment. When you’re ready to clean, just lift the hose and it will turn on and off automatically. Also available with a garage-mounting bracket for supreme central vacuuming to clean car interiors, floors, workbenches, windows and doors.
No matter how hard you try, some daily messes within a home are unavoidable. Whether you’ve tracked in dirt at your front entrance, consistently find bits of food on your kitchen floor or have kitty litter to clean up outside of the box, Spot by Vroom is the way to go. Designed for quick clean areas, Spot stores up to 15' of hose within the wall and remains hidden until you need it. Just lift the lid, pull out the hose and it will retract back into the wall when you’re done! Spot comes with a removable dusting brush and is available in 3 different colours (white, black and almond).
For quick cleanups of dry messes, WallyFlex is an affordable auxiliary hose option. WallyFlex is installed the same way as any standard central vacuum valve and can be mounted on any wall in your home. With 13' of hose, WallyFlex is handy to clean all surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and closets.
For more information about having a central vacuum hose installed in your home, give us a call. Our services are available to both existing homes and homes in the process of being built.