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Central Vacuum Cleaners Offer an Easier Way to Clean Red Deer Homes

At VACUFLO Red Deer, our selection of central vacuum cleaners offers an easy and convenient way to clean your home without all the hassle. From our True Cyclonic to our Filtered Cyclonic and Maxum models, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products consistently deliver a superior cleaning experience.


True Cyclonic Power Units

Filtered Cyclonic Power Units

Maxum Replaceable Filter Bag Power Units

For a powerful cleaning performance with minimal yearly maintenance, our True Cyclonic power unit is the way to go. True Cyclonic comes with a 6-gallon dirt canister without ever wavering in performance as dirt accumulates. For maximum airflow to the motor, we recommend that you empty the dirt canister and clean the permanent filter screen every 4 to 6 months. Delivering ample power and quiet operation, Filtered Cyclonic power units use cyclonic separation and a pleated filter to provide a dual filtration performance. Are you looking to install your unit in a basement, garage or utility room? You can avoid the need of having to install an additional valve as Filter Cyclonic units allow for easy access with on-board inlet valves. As these units aren’t required to exhaust outside, Filter Cyclonic units are great for retrofit installations or instances where a unit cannot be installed close to an exterior wall of the home. With Maximum power units, you’ll never have to touch the dirt it accumulates, even when it’s full. Maxum’s triple-layer CleanShield™ filter bag is never exposed to the dirt, ensuring for the cleanest experience possible. Simply remove, seal and replace the bag! This unit is great for retrofit installations or cases where a unit cannot be installed close to an exterior wall of the home as exhausting outdoors is optional.

To determine which power unit is best suited for your needs in Red Deer or surrounding areas, call VACUFLO Red Deer today. Our units are rated by square footage but our staff will take into consideration your home layout and system options to recommend a unit that will provide you with the best cleaning power.